MyCareManager is a suite of fully integrated solutions that allows delivery of high level of care while helping consumers stay at home longer. Key elements include a consumer / provider portal (to share information with clients, their family, carers, care workers and external providers) and a range of networked technologies into the home (video conferencing, health monitoring and surveillance devices).  Real time interfaces between the portals and your Client Management System provides an integrated client view of all aspects of assessment, budgeting, care planning and service delivery.

MyCareManager is different from your typical telehealth and video conferencing solutions – it offers an integrated model of care, embedding each component within an open framework that allows for information sharing across the entire IT landscape.

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Benefits for service providers

  • Reduced cost of delivering health and community care services
  • Productivity improvements to meet resource challenges of health providers
  • Reduced hours and Kms on the road
  • A solution that is economically sustainable based on current funding models
  • Boost growth with improved business processes and efficiency
  • Improve responsiveness to adverse situations
  • Integration with existing service/client management systems reducing duplicate data entry

Benefits for consumers

  • Keep them engaged in their own care
  • Improved health outcomes
  • Delayed entry into costly residential and other institutionalised care
  • Reduced hospital readmissions
  • Enables information sharing amongst family members, carers and external providers
  • Help reduce social isolation
  • Record information about their daily living and well being



Online Portals

Online Portals

MyCareManager is highly configurable portal that integrates all information collected by the health devices, your client management system, medications, appointments, care plans and other information that can be shared with family members and other providers. Your clients can be reminded to take medications or tests and are engaged in their own care with surveys and health journals with information able to be shared with their family and carers. The MyCareManager portal incorporates over 200 widgets that can be customised to support specific use cases and the design is entirely customisable, including the fonts, colours, layout and style.

Solution Highlights

  • Integrated content management system to select and modify features, site navigation, page layout, and contents in real time
  • Completely skinned to match your brand look and feel
  • Designed to interoperate with other applications such as your client management systems
  • Helping clinicians work smarter by providing a holistic view of the patient via provider dashboards
  • Empowering consumers by giving them the information they need to manage their health and care.


Solution designed for remote monitoring of vital signs and symptoms in people with acute or chronic conditions. Solution includes the collection of data, both actively and passively, from a range of medical devices such as weight scales, blood glucose monitors, spirometers, blood pressure monitors and pulse oximeters. Abnormal findings are flagged by MyCareManager alerting service providers who can intervene early and – in some cases – avert the need for hospital admission. Out of range findings also prompt the client to perform a series of pre-defined tasks to self-manage their condition until medical intervention arrives.

Solution Highlights

  • Using Bluetooth technology, health readings are wirelessly transmitted to the MyCareManager solution
  • Solution enables simple data entry for consumers wanting to use their existing health devices
  • Define target ranges for readings specific to a consumer
  • Automatically triggered alerts to notify clinicians and the consumers of the out of range readings
  • Help clinicians work smarter through the use of provider health dashboards
Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing

High definition video conferencing allowing simple video calls to consumers in the home. Utilising the latest WebRTC technology, MyCareManager Video conferencing solution enables participants from any internet enabled device without any configuration or installation of applications. The solution can be used to deliver remote services and to support case conferencing with multiple participants.

Solution highlights

  • Leverages WebRTC protocols to enable access from any internet enabled device
  • Support your Unified IT and Communications strategy by interfacing with corporate telephony solutions like Cisco, Polycom and Lync.
  • 100% software based to take away infrastructure and hardware costs
  • Unlike traditional video conferencing solutions, MyCareManager Video Conferencing applications are developed with the end consumer in mind.


Web Design

We understand the importance of maintaining your brand. Our team of experienced designers are able to work with you on customising the solution to match your brand look and feel.


We recommend that you ensure all your system administrators are trained in existing and new features to maximise the benefits of the MyCareManager solution. We deliver training remotely or onsite to suit your budget and needs.

Software Intergration

Our solution architects and technical leads are able to assist you in integrating your existing systems with our solution. Whether it’s technical consultation or the actual development of the integration engine, we are able to deliver a solution that best meets your needs today and into the future.

Implementation Consultant

With years of experience in successful software delivery, our implementation team focuses on your unique needs to formulate an implementation plan that will work best for you. Believing that a successful implementation puts people first and software second, our goal is to transition you seamlessly from your current business practises to the use of the MyCareManager solution.


Our team of experienced developers and business analysts are here to assist you scoping and developing new functionality that meets your business needs.

Use Cases



Consumer Directed Care

Provide the mandatory client statement on the client portal and make it easy for clients to choose to spend funds from their individualised budget with your organisation.


Chronic Disease Management

Remote monitoring of chronic conditions such as diabetes and hypertension improves client engagement and health outcomes.


Diabetes Management

Helping consumers to manage their condition with wireless glucometer trackers and alerts.

Medication Management

Promote the safe administration of medications with both information and alerts which notify clients when medicine needs to be taken.

Wound Management

Coordinate wound care in real time through high definition video that connects clients in community and residential settings to qualified specialists. 


Case Conferencing

Connect the entire care team across a client’s medical and support network for cost-efficient case conferencing via high-definition video.

Hospital in Home

Provide a virtual healthcare system, linking unconnected records to deliver an integrated acute care service in the home.


Consumer Education

Online tools, disease trackers and information rich resources individually targeted to each consumer in the context of their unique healthcare needs.

Remote Medical Consultations

Enabling clients to consult with health-care professionals without having to travel long distances or being on long waiting lists.


National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

Empower clients to coordinate their own care by supplying them with the information they need to quickly and easily request services, purchase equipment and track expenditure against their overall budget.


The professional and dedicated MyCareManager support team at HealthConnex is committed to the ongoing success of your system.

We provide end-to-end consistency in our support process, and pride ourselves on following all issues through to resolution. In particular, we aim to resolve your issues the first time.

Our Online Support Portal allows real time tracking of your support calls.  Using the portal you can notify us of support issues, suggest product improvements and help us prioritise our product features based on your business needs.




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