ComCare is a comprehensive solution that has serviced the needs of care organisations for over 25 years. ComCare’s modular design allows your organisation to benefit from the core system that includes rostering, scheduling, route optimisation, client record and care planning while also enabling value in mobility, dynamic questionnaires, and modules such as wound management, reporting and portal. 


  • Aids improvement in quality of care delivery
  • Helps reduce travel, administration, time and costs
  • Creates staff efficiencies with optimised rostering / scheduling
  • Supports greater safety for clients and staff


ComCare’s unique and proven solution has been developed every day for over 25 years. It empowers community care organisations by providing all the information they need about their staff and clients in a centralised and integrated solution that keeps your staff connected. Our optimisation of travel and our smart phone mobility solution have been recognised as the most sophisticated in the Industry.

Telstra Health understands your business and works effectively to manage change. We are current with all the latest government initiatives and funding changes, including CDC, CHSP and NDIS. We can help you view your business differently; find efficiencies and innovative ways of delivering care that can make a significant improvement to your business whilst reducing your operating costs.


ComCare Mobile can scale robustly across a large workforce and provides all the detailed information care staff need in order to make informed decisions. What is my schedule for the day?

Who am I seeing? Where am I going? What am I doing there? It also allows the recording of all information in real time.Plus electronic time sheeting enables you to compare actual work to scheduled work activity.


Unique to ComCare is the ability to optimise travel by clusteringthen sequencing visits to achieve the best possible schedule that minimises travel and allows for more care. Unlike other solutions, ComCare has true integration with Google Maps and Quick Addressing Software plus uses sophisticated algorithms to drive proven travel efficiencies, taking into account all the client preferences, staff qualifications and skills.


  • Industry renowned superior technology, built specifically for care organisations
  • A team of dedicated professionals with superior expertise and experience


Desktop & Enterprise 

ComCare Desktop is an integrated Client Management solution that provides a single source of truth for your clients, staff and external service providers. The highly sophisticated Rostering and Scheduling capability can manage the most complex Community, Aged, Disability or Family Services.
ComCare allows you to increase operational efficiencies and significantly reduce costs.

ComCare Desktop includes:
  • Person management
  • Scheduling and rostering
  • Travel optimisation
  • Automated timesheets
  • Referral management
  • Finance and contracts management
  • Fleet, asset and consumables management
  • Staff location real time
ComCare enterprise modules include:
  • Process Flows
  • Feedback and Incident Management
  • Dynamic Questionnaires
  • Wound Management



ComCare Mobile provides the ability to retrieve information and input data on an android mobile devices directly from the Client Management system. It also updates information real time into  ComCare Deskto pwhen the device is within the range of mobile reception.

ComCare Mobile also captures and displays real time data relating to:
Daily work lists

  • Appointment details and instructions
  • Google Maps integration including turn by turn navigation
  • Dynamic Questionnaires
  • Service planning calculator for quotes and goal planning
  • Timesheets and expenses
  • Secure messaging
  • Wound Management


The ComCare Portal can be used by clients and employees alike. The flexible and intuitive interface can be configured to suit the needs of the individual user.

ComCare Portal Provides:

  • Secure access via PC, tablets or smart phones
  • Visit information updated real-time
  • Package details
  • Leave limits
  • Client contribution
  • Current supplements
  • Current base rate
  • Feedback
  • Access to newsletters and campaigns



The ComCare Reporting Module is a Reporting and Integration framework that provides organisations with a Low maintenance and highly flexible Business Intelligence platform.

Sharperlight is a suite of tools and productised connectors that are easy to build and use to extend the functionality of any application over any module. Sharperlight makes it easy to securely access data across many applications in real time.



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