HealthConnex Solutions


Our solutions are designed to meet the complex and changing needs of health and community care. The products are designed with interoperability standards in mind, and to meet the requirements of the national eHealth agenda.

We enable you to concentrate on your core business of providing better health outcomes by:

  • automating business functions
  • reducing manual entry and paperwork
  • capturing information effectively
  • securely sending electronic messages
  • consolidating and reporting on system information.

HealthConnex’ broad range of experience allows us to customise our solutions to meet your challenges.

Aged Care Facility Management

Our Aged and Community Care (ACC) management solution is an enterprise-level, client-focused package suitable for organisations of any size.  The residential aged and community care modules help organisations to manage their financial, client care and reporting requirements.


Argus is communication software that runs alongside existing patient clinical software to provide safe, simple and secure electronic transfer of clinical and patient data between GPs, specialists, allied health practices and health services. 


ComCare is a comprehensive solution that has serviced the needs of care organisations for over 25 years. ComCare’s modular design allows your organisation to benefit from the core system that includes rostering, scheduling, route optimisation, client record and care planning while also enabling value in mobility, dynamic questionnaires, and modules such as wound management, reporting and portal.


Communicare is a fully integrated electronic health and practice management system. It is designed with a focus on Community Health for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, making it ideal for health services and social services whose primary concern is the health of the individual and of the community as a whole.

ConnectingCare Secure Messaging

ConnectingCare allows health agencies to deliver eReferrals and other messages securely and easily, saving time and hassle. This solution consists of a comprehensive web-based directory of health and community services integrated with a secure messaging and referral system.

ConnectingCare Worker

ConnectingCare Worker improves workplace productivity by transmitting rostering information simply, efficiently and immediately. CCW replaces inefficient, paper-based processes, saves time and effort for rostering staff and direct-care workers.  It is a simple, user-friendly interface that can be used on any internet-capable mobile device.

Enterprise Health Provider Directory

The Enterprise Health Provider Directory lays the foundation for data interoperability between health systems, by providing your organisation with access to reliable and consistent information about health service providers. The directory connects your organisation to health registries including the NHSD, delivered by Healthdirect Australia.

My Care Manager

MyCareManager is a suite of fully integrated solutions that allows delivery of high level of care while helping consumers stay at home longer. Key elements include a consumer / provider portal (to share information with clients, their family, carers, care workers and external providers) and a range of networked technologies into the home (video conferencing, health monitoring and surveillance devices).  Real time interfaces between the portals and your Client Management System provides an integrated client view of all aspects of assessment, budgeting, care planning and service delivery.

Service Directories

The Human Services Directory (HSD) provides accurate and up-to-date online information about health, social and disability services.  The HSD is a searchable repository for detailed information about service providers, services, locations and organisations, offering secure web service access to information and an endpoint location service (ELS) to support secure messaging.


The Care Manager (TCM) is an integrated service delivery management system for community aged care, disability services, mental health and respite services that enables Australian organisations to deliver quality care in a variety of service delivery settings.


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