Cabrini Health and Telstra Health – A Healthy Partnership

Cabrini Hospital had a problem.

As a private hospital, it was not uncommon for our consultants (who are not Cabrini employees) to create clinical documents in their clinical software solutions, which could not be easily shared with Cabrini. By the time they faxed or posted the documents to the hospital, the medical record had often been coded and the patient had certainly gone home. These consultants would also routinely have no access to this important clinical information when they saw the patient next.

The solution? Create an Argus address for our consultants to send these documents to (e.g. operation report, discharge letter, physician letter), so that the information was available upon receipt for all users, including in CSC’s WebPAS and mobility suite products. These documents would also be printed out every day for inclusion into the hard copy medical record and were placed into the correct patients “electronic record” automatically by the patient demographic data in the message.

Working closely with Telstra Health, the small Cabrini project team has been able to consistently overcome the many unforeseen complexities of this work and we now receive more than 1,200 documents per month via Argus, with numbers continuing to increase.

Our consultants and clinicians are happy, as they now have access to their documents on their iPad as soon as the document has been dictated, typed and sent; coders are happy as they have important information available in a timely and readable format; and the suite secretaries are happy as they no longer need to print out and mail these documents. It’s a win, win, win solution and we are making further plans with Telstra Health to make this process even more effective in the future.

Cabrini views our partnership with Telstra Health as a key aspect of improving our service to our customers both internally and externally and looks forward to further innovations in the future.

Statement provided by -
Cameron A. Barnes
Director, Health Information Services and Information Governance
Cabrini Health

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