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Argus Release with Best Practice Version

The October release of will enhance the Best Practice user experience delivering a tightly integrated secure electronic messaging capacity with Argus. Bundled into all future releases of Best Practice, Argus will automatically install as the default secure messaging facility delivering a number of user benefits including; address book management referencing the National Health Services Directory (NHSD), automatic flagging of recipients capable of receiving secure messages and an ‘Outbox’ function to track the status of sent messages with a progress indicator. 

The Best Practice/Argus collaboration is designed not to interfere with existing secure messaging configuration/s that you may have installed and working, but to enhance the usability of secure messaging within BP by introducing intelligent features that overcome past obstacles, barriers and difficulties of older secure messaging implementations.

Integration with Argus has also laid the foundations for future ability to determine whether recipients can receive eReferrals and also a way to discover and send to healthcarecolleagues that have other messaging facilities.

For BP clients who don’t already send using Argus, Best Practice has negotiated with HealthConnex a free 6 month subscription to Argus providing BP customers the opportunity to trial sending documents including eReferrals and reports; especially for GPs that need to meet ePIP commitments for sending documents electronically where practical.

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