Consumer Directed Care (CDC)

Consumer Directed Care

What is CDC?

Consumer Directed Care (CDC) is a fundamental change to the way aged and community care is funded and operated. CDC aims to give more control to the care recipient, allowing them choices about care types and service delivery. In order to coordinate service delivery and manage the financial requirements of this new approach, organisations working in aged and community care will need efficient business processes and purpose-built tools.

CDC will impact all organisations in the Aged Care and Community sector with existing Community Aged Care Packages (CACPs), EACH (Extended Aged Care At Home) and EACHD (Extended Aged Care At Home – Dementia) funding, as well as all organisations with new Home Care Packages (HCPs).

When will CDC come in?

The process of change has begun: CDC is to be fully implemented by July 2015, with all existing CACPs transitioned to the new HCPs by this time. In order to successfully manage the new requirements, aged and community care providers will need to expand their focus so that the budget and financial transactions of a consumer are managed alongside their care provision.

This transition will require organisational change at many levels to allow:

  • Analysis and understanding of the unit cost of service provision
  • Education for case managers in the financial aspects of their role
  • The provision of simple tools to assist with financial management
  • Better transparency about financial aspects for consumers
  • More efficient business processes

How can HealthConnex help?

HealthConnex is based in Australia and focused on Australian eHealth issues, ensuring a deep understanding of not only our product, but also local issues, regulations, programs and the wider healthcare sector. The TCM team has been working hard to understand the impact of CDC on the aged and community care sector, giving us insight that will be invaluable during this transition.

New functionality in TCM can assist your organisation’s transition by accurately tracking all transactions against budget, including service details and financial transactions.

TCM software has many features that will make the implementation of CDC more efficient, effective and reliable. TCM allows:

  • Flexible budgeting – budgets and budget scenarios can be easily entered
  • The tracking of budgets against planned and actual costs
  • Comprehensive service management
  • Integrated financial reporting based on service transactions
  • Customisation of client statements
  • The integration of financial systems
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